Neurogenic Bladder

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Neurogenic bladder symptoms:

Some of the first symptoms include changes in urination, such as:

  • More frequent urination
  • Painful urination (dysuria)
  • Hesitancy in urination
  • Incontinence
  • Increased urgency in urination

One of the most common symptoms of bladder cancer as it progresses, if painless, is blood in the urine (hematuria). In fact, between 80%-90% of patients with bladder cancer will have blood in their urine. Blood in the urine can be detected by analysis of the urine or be significant enough to be seen with the naked eye without any laboratory testing. Although other conditions can cause blood to be in the urine, a work up is often performed to rule out bladder cancer as a source.

Bladder cancer, like any cancer, can also present with non-specific symptoms such as night sweats, unintentional weight loss, excessive fatigue, lower abdominal or back pain.

How We Diagnose Neurogenic Bladder:

Treatment Options:

  • Catheterization
  • Increased fluid intake
  • Surgery if necessary

Nerves in the body control how the bladder stores or empties urine, and problems with these nerves cause neurogenic bladder.

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