New Patients

Urology Associates, Ltd., S.C. welcomes new patients every day. We provide evaluations, individualized care, and treatment for your urologic needs. Call and make an appointment today for the highest quality urologic care in the area.

What to Expect at Your First Visit

During your first trip to Urology Associates, the urologist will study your previous files and determine which diagnostic tests are right for you.

The doctor might also perform a physical examination and ask you questions in order to gain a better understanding of your health condition.

Once the diagnostic tests are complete, your urologist will determine a diagnosis and decide on appropriate treatment.

If a procedure is necessary, the doctor will then explain the details of the specific procedure, help you visualize and understand the results, and cover the possible risks and complications.

Bring to your first appointment:

  • List of medications you are taking
  • Your medical history
  • Details about symptoms you are experiencing
  • Any questions you have

Meet Our Doctors

With specialists in both adult and pediatric urology, our physicians are experienced in treating the complete range of urologic conditions and diseases, from kidney stones and sexual dysfunction to prostate cancer, incontinence and infertility.