Lori’s Story

What condition brought you to Urology Associates?

Stress incontinence, to the point that it disrupted my entire life (I had a hysterectomy which makes things worse). I was told I needed a bladder sling.”

How was the information delivered to you?

“It was just outstanding, they are just outstanding people! Everyone from the office personnel, to doctors, to nurses; all just wonderful.”

What was it like working with Dr. Butler and the rest of the staff?

“He is just PHENOMENAL, he’s a nice person, he genuinely cares about you. He didn’t mess around, told me right away I’d be a good candidate for a bladder sling. He was always reassuring, always positive.”

How are you feeling now?

“I had the procedure January 17th 2018, and I feel outstanding. It was a complete life changer. Now I don’t live by pads, and I can swing a golf club and get on treadmill! I told my coworkers about it, and now a lot of them are getting it done too now. Recovery was so fast, I was only out of work for a week. The only thing I had was weight restriction, but I didn’t have to take narcotics and the pain was minimal. The day I had the surgery, I knew it was already working.”

Would you recommend Urology Associates to a friend or loved one?


What do you like to do in your free time? Hobbies, etc?

“I love to play golf! That was a big factor in getting this procedure done. Now I can get outside and do things without constantly worrying where there is a bathroom. I also like to walk and be outdoors, so this was phenomenal for me. I wish I had done it 10 years ago! My son, Ryan (PA-C), knew were a good group, and I knew he was going to recommend the best for me. If it’s the best for their moms, it’s best for everyone!”