Greg’s Story

What condition brought you to seek medical treatment?

“I had a routine physical with my primary care provider, Dr. Lutz, and during my exam he determined I had a lump on my prostate. Dr. Lutz suggested I walk around the corner to Urology Associates and make an appointment for further examination. My wife made a few phone calls to friends, and Dr. Butler was recommended by a high school classmate that at the time was a practicing surgeon.”

How was the information delivered to you?

“The information concerning my first diagnosis was delivered personally by Dr. Butler. My prostate was removed 45 days later. I was 43 years old at the time. However, after the first visit, Dr. Butler and I had discussed the possibility of making a decision because my PSA tests were coming back at increased levels. I completed radiation treatments in January of 2018.”

What was it like working with Dr. Butler and the rest of the staff?

“I have always enjoyed my relationship with Dr. Butler. He understood (that as a rather young man with prostate cancer), an aggressive approach was needed. We handled it mostly with humor and a small dose of serious discussion when needed.”

How are you feeling now?

“I am mostly recovered from the recent radiation treatments (other than some burning sensation, that is mostly gone). I would report that I am as near back to normal as I can be.”

Would you recommend Urology Associates to a friend or loved one?

“I have sent friends and loved ones to this office in the past 14 years.”

What do you like to do in your free time? Hobbies, etc.?

“I am currently enjoying our new grandson. We travel a quite a bit, ride the motorcycle whenever the weather permits. In the fall, I am an avid bow hunter.”